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Big things come in
small places.

IN THE NEWS: Interwoven featured on Robin Young's "Here & Now" from WBUR / Boston
Public Radio.

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"This exhibit was truly amazing. Inspirational and needs to be visited more than once. First time was quite emotional. I will be back." — Visitor

From the present to
the past and back again.

INTERWOVEN is The Brownsburg Museum's most ambitious exhibit yet. The name speaks to the idea that we are all connected — by family, by community, and by history. It weaves the history of enslaved ancestors with the words of their current descendants in a poignant story of history, family, and community.​


"Stunning...emotional depth was a surprise, but so important. Thank you for the opening of this history—may it open more doors." 
— Visitor

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INTERWOVEN Features the photographic art of

Gesche Würfel is an internationally known German artist and photographer, now based in New York. She photographed the slave dwellings in and around Brownsburg for the exhibit.

Her powerful black-and-white photos evoke ghostly images of dwellings that once housed the enslaved.

Through these projects, she investigates how these architectural structures continue to influence the contemporary landscape, its inhabitants, and our understanding of history.

"One of the best local exhibits I've seen. Excellent and informative." 
— Visitor

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